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Unitron TrueFit software

Fitting software doesn’t get any easier
Unitron TrueFit software is designed to be flexible and intuitive to use, so your fittings are highly efficient and patients feel more engaged from day one.

Get deep insights for
the best outcomes


You get a clear understanding of each patient’s experience through evidence and insights displayed in Unitron TrueFit software. Access Patient Ratings, along with Log It All information on their true listening lifestyle, so you can deliver personalized counseling based on their real-world experience.



Easily compare technology levels

The Technology Change screen in Unitron
TrueFit software provides a technology
level ladder that makes it easy to view
performance features across technology
levels. As you move up the ladder, added
features are highlighted so you can quickly
compare levels.


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Unitron TrueFit installation

and reference guides

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fitting software

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