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It’s all about
a highly

Finding a hearing solution should feel easy, inclusive and tailored to the person who needs it.

This single-minded focus is driving the creation of our FLEX™ ecosystem. But it’s so much more than a portfolio of innovations. It’s a world view centered around delivering the most highly personalized experience on the market.



Dial up their satisfaction

People want hearing instruments that work seamlessly
in their lives. Moxi All is the perfect fit. It offers direct connectivity to
any mobile phone,* not just iPhone.®
But that’s not all.

Driven by Tempus, Moxi All has all the binaural features that let
patients actively participate in conversations. Even in the most
challenging environments.




All their conversations


All mobile phones*


All the freedom of rechargeable


All the enjoyment of TV with
the TV Connector


All designed around patient needs


It’s no wonder we called it Moxi All.



Check phone compatibility 

*Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with a compatible Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile





70% of people
want rechargeables.*

We’re on it.

Our revolutionary rechargeable family has experienced another breakthrough with the arrival of Moxi All R - the rechargeable hearing instrument that connects directly to all mobile phones.



*Rechargeable hearing aid preferences survey., August 2016


A new way forward
When consumers get an experience that meets all their needs and preferences, they walk away from your office delighted. The FLEX experience checks all the boxes.



Performance is perfectly aligned with their expectations
Experiences are highly personalized
They are delighted and willing to advocate

Let’s work together to
make it all about them.

Contact your Unitron representative
to book an appointment.

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