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All smiles from the first fit
Super Power hearing instruments are notoriously challenging to fit. That’s why Max offers technology perfected for patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Prepare for happiness from the start.

Super Power pre-sets
Patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss know how they want their hearing instruments to sound. Meet their expectations right from the start with three Super Power pre-sets.




A classic approach to sound processing - for those who prefer things the ‘old way’ with little to no signal processing and no directionality.





A conventional approach to sound processing - for those who prefer a more traditional approach to amplification, including moderate signal processing and some directionality




A current and modern approach to sound processing - for those who prefer the latest technology, including advanced signal processing and directionality.



Learn how pre-sets make Super Power fittings easier, read our guide

The Tempus platform, optimized for Max. Four intelligent features analyze listening environments of Super Power patients, making fluid adjustments so they can participate in every conversation.

Sound Conductor SP
Automatically adjusts to provide optimal audibility for speech, while maintaining comfort and overall awareness in all environments. Optimized for the diverse needs of Super Power patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

Frequency compression 2
Refined with the adaptability to deliver optimal sound quality and audibility at all times. No matter what the input signal is, it provides patients with improved awareness and speech intelligibility by compressing high-frequency sounds, that would otherwise be inaudible, into lower, more audible ranges.

Power Adaptation Manager

A responsible solution to reduce the risk of over-amplification. Helps improve first fit success by providing the starting point patients desire, then gradually reducing gain and output to a safe level for optimal speech intelligibility.


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