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Life made easier

Fitting Super Power hearing instruments is now super easy with the arrival of Max, available on the Tempus platform. Three new Super Power pre-sets make it easier to meet patient expectations, meaning less fine-tuning and more smiles from the first fit.


Max SP


A Super Power 13 battery BTE in a durable design

Max UP


Ultra Power BTE with a 675 battery designed to last

Fitting Super Power is now super easy


With Technology perfected for patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss, Super Power pre-sets personalized to individual listening preferences and a rechargeable option; there has never been a better time to fit Super Power hearing instruments.

Find the perfect hue.  

Color their world happy with Max.

The perfect color for all.  

Expand their possibilities

Accessories work with your patient’s hearing instruments to make listening even better.

Peace of mind wherever your patients go

We believe a warranty is a warranty, no matter where you are

With international offices and partners in 65 countries around the globe
our hearing instruments can travel worry free.

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