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Meet Jen Stockall

“It’s like my Max hearing aids are attached to my brain and know exactly what I want to hear!”


Jen Stockall has worn hearing aids since she was two years old.  Her current hearing aids are okay, but she has always struggled with hearing clearly on the phone. She decided to give Max™, Unitron’s new Super Power hearing instrument a try in the hopes of improving her ability to use the phone, hear music, and participate in conversations – particularly in noisy environments. Max has not disappointed.

“I’ve actually had to turn down the volume!”

Phone conversations have vastly improved since Jen began wearing her Max hearing aids with the phone program.  “I love the phone program,” Jen says.  “I can hear very clearly.  I’m on the phone all the time at work and it’s really important to have that clarity.   The Max phone program is just crystal clear.  I can hear the person on the other line, and still be aware of the sounds around me.” 


Jen is equally entranced with Max’s music program.  She can happily listen to music while in the car, and never hears road noise.  She can also pick out the instruments within the music – something she’s never been able to do before.  Max’s sound quality is so fantastic, “I’ve actually had to turn down the volume!”


Hearing speech in noisy environments is a challenge for anyone with hearing loss, but even more so for someone with severe hearing loss.  Jen has been utterly amazed by the sound clarity Max offers.  “My son plays ball and normally when I’m at the field watching him, and people are clapping and cheering I can’t hear anything else – particularly speech.  But at this last game, wearing my Max hearing aids, the cheering and clapping noise was actually tuned down, and I could hear the person speaking beside me very clearly.  It’s like my Max hearing aids are attached to my brain and know exactly what I want to hear! 


Max has brought the sounds of life back into Jen’s world, not only enriching her life, but improving her personal safety as well. “Awareness of where sound is coming from is very important for someone like myself with severe hearing loss.  Max allows me to hear background noise so I can localize the direction of sound and stay safe.  For instance, when I am driving, I can be listening to my music, but at the same time hear the sound of a siren and know where it is coming from.  That’s a huge safety issue that folks don’t often think about,” says Jen.

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