Thinking about buying a hearing aid on the Internet?

Consider this first

If you’re tempted to buy a hearing aid over the Internet, we’d strongly encourage you not to.  Your hearing matters too much to entrust it to an online merchant that offers no guarantee of professional expertise, training or after-purchase support.


We believe you - and your hearing - deserve the best care. Hearing aids are complex digital technologies that should be fitted only by qualified, highly trained hearing healthcare professionals. That’s why we choose to partner and sell our hearing aids exclusively through a worldwide network of qualified hearing healthcare professionals and distributors.


We also believe in the critical role hearing healthcare professionals play in helping you achieve the best possible hearing outcomes. Each of our licensed and trained hearing healthcare professionals offers essential, specialized fitting and counseling expertise. In the end, this means a better testing and fitting experience, a better match between you and your hearing aids, and better support from really great people who can show you how to get the most from your investment.


We strongly advise you not to purchase hearing instruments over the Internet, from a catalog, by mail order or any other indirect means without the direct involvement of a hearing healthcare professional, and without the benefit of face-to-face consultation. 


We will always do our utmost to ensure Unitron hearing instruments are delivered to consumers only through authorized and trained hearing healthcare professionals. Any other retailers are not qualified or authorized to do so by Unitron. 


Your hearing matters – entrust it to real people, properly trained.