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Patients want personalized experiences.
Let’s give them what they want.




Let them share in-the-moment feelings around
their hearing instrument performance with the
Remote Plus smartphone app.*



Gather evidence around their true listening
lifestyle with Log It All.



Bring all these patient insights together to
help you make confident recommendations
customized to their needs.



*The Remote Plus app for Moxi All works on Apple smartphones with iOS 10.2 or newer
and Android smartphones with version 6 or newer



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Counsel with



You can see all the patient insights you need to support your technology level recommendations on the
myInsights website or within
Unitron TrueFit software.


Keep them happy


We have solutions that help you make sure patients stay satisfied throughout their entire journey.




Receive an early warning email if a patient is making negative ratings and quickly see the results online with myInsights.



Send an email with a link asking them to rate their overall satisfaction with their hearing instruments.



Take the patient experience to the next level

See why patient insights are good for you and good for patients


The evidence to know. The insights to understand.

The confidence to act. Make your practice stand out like

never before with patient insights.


FLEX: Today’s patients want to

feel empowered


When you add the FLEX solution to patient insights, you put them in control. This provides an experience that deepens trust and turns them into advocates for your clinic.


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