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Great patient experiences drive in-clinic success


Offering an exceptional patient experience. Now - more than ever - it’s the key to a successful practice. Count on Unitron to help you deliver a differentiating in-clinic experience, with the best products, tools and technologies to remove barriers, foster advocacy and delight today’s more demanding healthcare consumers.


Experience tops outcome

“In every other retail and medical health care sector, the #1 topic today isn't patient outcome, but patient experience. To succeed, we must understand that the previously dependent patient has become the in-control consumer.”


- Steve Eagon, Director of In-clinic Success, Unitron US,

The Hearing Journal, September 2016.


Our in-clinic success expert sheds light on the biggest challenges and opportunities facing our industry.   

Bring on the future

The way people buy hearing instruments is changing.
And we couldn't be more ready.

Give your patients a voice




With the power of FLEX and patient insights, it's easy to make sure your patients are heard, without saying a single word.

Know more, do more


New patient expectations and technologies are putting patient-generated data at the forefront of clinic success. Are you ready to embrace the opportunity?




Two Unitron experts explain how patient-generated health data is changing
the landscape.

Great relationships can change everything

Count on us to support you as you support your patients, every day, every step of the way

Extend your digital reach

Here’s your chance to put the focus on hearing health with uHear, a simple screening app that can bring new patients to your door.

Got a suggestion?

Working together is the way we roll.

If you’ve got a great idea for new ways we can support you, drop us a line here.

Great relationships build great practices

We're here to help




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