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We take command of conversations

Conversations in noise and crowds are no match for our new Tempus platform. It solves your patients’ biggest complaints around participating in even the most challenging conversation environments. And it’s all thanks to our highly intelligent SoundCore technology.


We make conversations more enjoyable –

Four features in SoundCore work together to understand the patient’s listening environment. Then they make fluid adjustments that let patients actively participate in every conversation, across every environment.   Learn more >


We put speech in its place Three advanced technologies identify when speech is present, know exactly where it’s coming from, and apply the smartest directional  strategy to separate it from the noise. It’s no wonder we call the combined action of these technologies SpeechPro.   Learn more >


We know the environment –

SoundNav precisely identifies and classifies signals into seven distinct environments
and blends them to match real life. And it’s the only solution out there that has four unique types of conversation
environments.   Learn more >


We keep it real –

Spatial Awareness gets the hearing instruments out of the way, so patients truly know which direction speech and other sounds are coming from. For real.  Learn more >


We get the balance right –

Sound Conductor builds on the precise, intelligent classification of SoundNav, dynamically balancing adaptive features to make speech sound clearer. It’s the ultimate team player.  

Learn more >

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