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Keeping patients happy keeps us up at night

When it comes to hearing instruments, our philosophy is really simple. What are we against? Technology for technology’s sake. What are we for? Making sure every patient walks away from your clinic completely delighted with the experience.


Love at first sight

When patients look at Unitron hearing instruments, they don’t see barriers. They see something that looks comfortable enough to wear, all day long.  Learn more >





Love at first sound –

Thanks to the North platform, all of our hearing instruments sound clear and natural, just the way patients expect them to. Learn more >


Love the conversaion –

Understanding conversations is still the number one complaint of patients everywhere. Only we have the technology  that can make this complaint a thing of the past, in conversations of all sizes.  Learn more >     


Love without conditions –

Our industry-first FLEX solution is a much more natural way to introduce patients to  amplification, with absolutely no pressure to buy and reassurance that their changing needs will never be a problem.    Learn more >

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