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Been there, done that

It seems like other hearing instrument manufacturers are just now coming out with

“ground-breaking technologies” like more resolution, better analyzers and new directionality. The fact that we already released technologies like these over a decade ago really takes the pressure off. Because instead of playing technology catch up, we can continue with our laser focus of bringing solutions to market that give patients a phenomenal experience.


The best –

We have the highest  dynamic range in the industry and we have the easurements to prove it.  Our input dynamic range reaches 119 dB SPL and we were the first to break through the 16 bit barrier for analog-to-digital convertors.

The fastest –

Our analyzers have always been fast. Ten years ago they worked at 640 times per second, which is really fast when you consider that one of our competitor’s newest platforms only works at 100 times per second today. Compare that to ours today that works at 689 times per second.

The most precise – Sonova is a pioneer in directionality.
We use 33 bands in our multiband adaptive directional.
And we have for over 5 years. Compare that to others, who
just launched 16 bands recently.    Learn more >

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