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Our rechargeable family has grown again, with Moxi All R - the only
rechargeable that connects directly to all mobile phones*, not just
®. No streamer required.



Check phone compatibility 

*Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with a compatible Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile

  • Receiver-in-canal

  • Behind-the-ear

  • In-the-ear

  • Super Power

It’s all about the experience

With the FLEX™ ecosystem, it’s easier than ever to deliver a personalized experience that leaves patients delighted.

Our products remove
patient barriers

We design our hearing instruments to achieve just the right balance of enticing aesthetics, complete comfort and intuitive functionality, so they fit seamlessly into each patient’s life.


We care about patient acceptance. A lot.

Our goal is to create an easy, enjoyable experience for patients. Because, when patients are comfortable with the idea of wearing their hearing instruments, the technology underneath becomes transparent, leaving the door wide open for them to experience the true benefits of amplification.




Watch the video below to learn more about our product design philosophy.



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