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In person.
On your mobile phone.
Your best conversations
are waiting.

Connect directly to your mobile phone*
with Moxi All hearing aids.



There’s no need to hold the phone. You hear exactly what the caller is saying directly in your ear. Your voice is picked up by the hearing aid and sent to the mobile phone.



Charge and go
With a rechargeable battery, a simple overnight charge is all you need to enjoy conversations all day, every day.



Enjoy television
An easy-to-use accessory wirelessly connects your hearing aids to your TV so you can enjoy your favorite programs in high-quality stereo sound.


Check phone compatibility    

*Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with a compatible Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile

Hearing aids come in all shapes and sizes
Hearing aids are constantly changing – and shrinking. But we weren’t satisfied with just making a small hearing aid. So we made the world’s smallest hearing aid in its class.


We've won awards for our leading
hearing aid designs, but knowing how happy
they will make you is the best reward



Moxi Now



Stride M



Stride P



Moxi Fit



Moxi Kiss



Try a pair at home
Want to be sure that the hearing instruments you choose will work well with your lifestyle before you commit to buying them? We have a program for that.

Find a hearing healthcare professional
If you think you have a hearing loss talk to the experts.
Locate a qualified hearing healthcare professional
close to you.

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