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What’s your favorite sound?


Everyone has one

Want to add your favorite sound to the global conversation?
Or find out what other sounds people love? You can, right here!

child's laugh

Sound unites us

We’re proud to partner with amazing people who make a difference in the lives of those with hearing loss. To celebrate our shared purpose, we asked hearing healthcare professionals to tell us their favorite sounds.  Thanks for sharing.


Who wrote the book of love?

Hearing about the sounds people love inspired us so much,
we wrote a book about it.  Have a read!

Touching lives one sound at a time

Helping people hear their favorite sounds is a passion, a science, a shared purpose.  It will always be part of our culture.  Have a look at where our favorite sound journey has taken us.


We have a lot in common

Ask people from around the world about their favorite sound and you learn a lot – like just how much we have in common.

Hearing is believing.

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