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Design matters

“The best designed experiences are simple, enjoyable and intuitive.”



                  – Corey Banham, Design Manager


Our holistic design philosophy creates

hearing aids with the best wearing experience



A beautiful hearing aid will give a great first impression.  Small size, friendly

organic shapes and flawless finish contribute to the impressive appearance



Each integrated detail is combined to make our hearing aids

comfortable to wear - all day long.


Intuitive functionality

Functional buttons are thoughtfully positioned and designed for

effortless use.

Hearing aids are designed like every other well designed product you use each day.  Just as a chair is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and has easy-to-use, intuitive controls - at Unitron, we put the user at the centre of our innovation processes to ensure a seamless wearing experience.


Great design consists of aesthetics, comfort and intuitive functionality




We designed the smallest in the world

Moxi Now

We designed it to be beautiful.  We designed it to be comfortable, fully featured and easy-to-use.  Because we know that every detail of form and function can make the biggest difference to everyday life. 

Award-winning design and the world's smallest.

Designing products with the patient in mind

Putting the wearer first made us the design leader

Unitron's user-centric design philosophy has garnered five Red Dot design awards in the past three years


Moxi Now



Stride M



Stride P



Moxi Fit



Moxi Kiss



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