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Lost connection to NOAHlink

  • Ensure that the Bluetooth® icon in the computer system toolbar is blue.
    • If the icon is red and you are using an external Bluetooth device, ensure it is plugged in.
    • If the icon is red and you are using an internal Bluetooth device, ensure it is turned on.
    • Check your computer owner's manual regarding enabling the Bluetooth device.
  • If the middle LED on the NOAHlink is flashing red, the NOAHlink is damaged and should be sent for service. Contact the company where you purchased the NOAHlink for information on how to ship the Noahlink for service.
  • Ensure NOAHlink is powered on and the battery is charged.
  • Ensure NOAHlink is positioned with ~10 meters of the programming computer.
  • Run the NOAHlink properties program which can be found in the Options > Preferences > Fitting Device > NOAHlink menu. Using the NOAHlink Properties tool, Search and then Connect to the NOAHlink.

If the NOAHlink Properties tool does not locate and connect to the NOAHlink device, contact Unitron for support.


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