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It's a whole new direction

Based on the strong foundation of Unitron's proven sound quality, the new North platform is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in natural sound. A greater dynamic range enabling inputs up to 119 dB SPL, clean handling of signals and tightly integrated algorithms shape the sound quality in a way that's totally unique to Unitron.



Not all conversations are created equal

Every conversation comes with its own unique set of background sounds. That's why we decided it's not enough to give patients one environment to target speech in noise.


We focus on conversations

Our new SoundNav automatic program offers more precise classification of seven different environments, four of which are specifically focused on conversations.

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It takes teamwork to make hearing this satisfying

The innovations in North have led to the creation of three trailblazing technologies that give patients the natural sound they love. The combined strength of these three features also automatically addresses the number one complaint of patients: understanding conversations.


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