Dust and water? Our hearing instruments can take it

Unitron hearing instruments pass IP ratings

The IP test is a third-party standardized protocol used to demonstrate the durability of a hearing instrument when exposed to dust and water. All our Tempus platform BTE and RIC products have undergone and passed this rigorous IP testing.

  • Max SP, Max SP R and Max UP are rated IP68

These ratings give your patients the peace of mind that their Unitron hearing instruments will continue to perform as expected even when exposed to harsh elements. It is important to note that IP68 is the highest possible rating denoting water resistant - not waterproof. Hearing instruments should never be worn in the shower or swimming, however, this rating means that an accidental drop into the sink, getting caught in a rainstorm, or stepping into the shower for a moment with them on will not be detrimental to performance once the devices are thoroughly dried out.