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Meet Sharon Jones

"Such clear and natural sound. I didn’t realize what I was missing."


Sharon Jones, 27 began noticing her hearing loss about four years ago. As a teacher, she found herself beginning to ask more questions and have her students repeat themselves. However, with a family history of hearing loss Sharon recognized the signs and sought out help for her hearing loss.


Her initial experience with hearing aids, however, was not satisfying. They whistled if she touched them, the volume had to be turned up to maximum, and were uncomfortable to wear. In short, Sharon was never able to find her listening experience comfort zone – until she discovered Quantum™ and the natural sound it provides.

“I loved the Binaural Phone feature. It was like having
surround sound in both ears and it has never caused me problems.”

“My listening experience went to a 10 out of 10. Quantum hearing aids fit perfectly into my life right away. It was good all the time. All of the sounds were very seamless.”


Sharon has experienced an improved listening experience on multiple fronts. Conversations in busy places are much easier thanks to Quantum’s SmartFocus, which puts a speech spotlight on the voices she needs to hear – such as her husband and her students. It is also especially helpful to Sharon in working with small children in a noisy classroom environment. “The children’s voices are easier for me to hear now and Quantum even reduces the noise of screaming children in a hallway before recess starts.”


Prior to wearing Quantum, music just sounded okay to her, but now she can notice different instruments crisp and clear. And Quantum’s special phone feature gets Sharon’s ‘favorite feature’ vote. “I loved the Binaural Phone feature. It was like having surround sound in both ears and it has never caused me problems. Now I am able to hear perfectly.”


“I noticed an immediate difference in my day to day listening experience. It was so easy to fit Quantum into my life. I’m not worried about hearing the voices of my kids and my colleagues now. And I’m able to participate in more conversations than ever before.”

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