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An ultimate listening experience in all environments
It happens automatically and seamlessly with Pro

Natural, effortless listening

Advanced features in our hearing instruments ensure  that your patients  automatically hear their  very best,
no matter where  their day takes them.


Our 4-destination Automatic program works with SmartFocus™ 2 to provide easier, better listening in
all situations. Speech sounds clearer in noise.
Music has beautiful, rich tones. Distracting noises are minimized when it’s quiet. Your patients experience the pleasure of natural listening, no adjustments required.


Superior results in speech in noise

Speech in noise is one of the most challenging listening environments for your patients. It’s why we have made enhancements to our most advanced feature to create SpeechZone™ 2, with binaural spatial processing that provides 360° speech detection in noise.


SpeechZone 2 is activated when speech is present in a noisy environment. It uses binaural spatial processing to determine the exact location of the speech, whether it's coming from the front, back, left side or right side of the listener. It then automatically selects a binaural or asymmetric synchronized microphone strategy, ensuring your patients enjoy superior speech understanding, in the toughest listening situations.


The illustrations to the right demonstrate how the power of SpeechZone 2 is complemented by SmartFocus 2 working within the Automatic Program. In real life, the speech your patients want to hear comes from all around them. The combination of SpeechZone 2 and SmartFocus 2 makes sure they don’t miss any of it, even when background noise is very high.



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