October 05, 2017 – Kitchener, Canada – Today’s emerging healthcare consumers are putting new pressures on the hearing healthcare community. In response to the challenge, Hearing Healthcare Professionals (HHCPs) must broaden their communication channels and deliver increasingly remarkable customer experiences, said industry experts speaking to a select audience of HHCPs gathered in Chicago yesterday and today for ENGAGE 2017, an annual customer conference hosted by Unitron.

“Our focus is on supporting hearing healthcare professionals in their success and prosperity in an increasingly turbulent and ever-changing market,” says Lilika Beck, Vice President of Global Marketing for Unitron. “The agenda at ENGAGE is purposefully designed to address the three dominant forces shaping today’s patient experience. These forces are: the changing expectations of the emerging healthcare consumer; the new communications pathways now available by which to reach these consumers; and the accelerating pace and impact of new technologies.”

During ENGAGE 2017 HHCPs have had an opportunity to get hands-on in solving the greatest challenges facing practitioners, by participating in a series of dynamic, interactive workshops led by Unitron executives and thought leaders. Workshop topics covered include: From ordinary to remarkable, Insight into itemizing and Would you get 5 stars? The two day ENGAGE 2017 conference is capped off with keynote presentations by:

  • Petra Marquart, Principal at Petra Marquart and Associates, an internationally recognized speaker and author of the best-selling book “The Power of Service - Keeping Customers for Life.”

  • Kevin St. Clergy, Chief Business Development Officer with Medical Practice Builders, who will speak to how digital marketing for HHCP can attract more new patients, for less.

“Unitron is not only patient focused – they are focused on my success and future. Unitron has helped me understand the changes facing our industry, what the future holds for us and they are providing solutions such as FLEX, which helps me weather these changes and remain successful today and for the future. This event is more evidence of this focus.” Engage 2017 attendee, Jesse Hidalgo, Hearing Group, Wichita, Kansas

Unitron is a global company that understands the hearing healthcare business is built on strong, personal relationships. We work closely with hearing healthcare professionals to improve the lives of people with hearing loss. A member of the Sonova Group, Unitron has a proven track record of developing hearing innovations that provide natural sound with exceptional speech understanding. Headquartered in Canada, Unitron distributes its full line of hearing instruments to customers in over 60 countries. For more information, please visit us on the web at unitron.com.