Right now, more than 466 million people – about 6% of the world’s population – live with a disabling hearing loss, according to the World Health Organization1. Many of them are in developing countries, where access to hearing care is limited and the demand for it is continually growing.

But they aren’t statistics to you: they’re individuals who you want to see enjoy a rich social life with family and friends, better health and better job performance.

And you want to help as many of them as possible.

At Unitron, we feel everyone should be able to access sophisticated hearing care. Our new Shine™ Rev+ family of basic category hearing instruments does more than provide advanced technology. A quick and easy new workflow means you can help more people in less time than ever before. 

In some parts of the world, as few as 3% of people have access to the hearing care they need1. It’s easy for hearing care professionals (HCPs) to become overwhelmed with the number of people seeking their services. As our population ages and people live longer, already stressed local resources will feel increasing pressure.

And due to limited access, HCPs might not see a client again for months. The first fit not only has to be efficient, it must be accurate, so clients can take home a hearing solution that meets their needs right from the start.

Unitron’s TrueFit™ v4.2 fitting workflow includes:

  1. Detect: When Shine Rev+ hearing instruments are detected, the new first fit workflow launches.
  2. Client information: A more accurate fit goes beyond a client’s audiogram. Our first fit calculation considers the wearer’s age and previous experience with amplification.
  3. Device acoustics: Selecting the correct acoustic parameters makes all the difference in getting the fit right. Once you’ve confirmed the acoustics, Unitron TrueFit will calculate the first fit.
  4. Confirm initial configuration: After the first fit has been calculated, let the client try the device to gain their first impressions. You can then adjust the fitting formula and loudness based on their initial experience. If they’re experiencing feedback, you can conveniently run the static feedback optimization test.
  5. Finish: After you’ve successfully completed a great starting point, you can further customize the fitting with tuning and accessories, thanks to easy access from the final screen. 

We know the experience must be good for clients too, many of whom have had to overcome the stigma around hearing loss and face barriers such as lack of access. They want to take home a solution that meets their needs right away.

While the workflow helps you capture all the information you need for a precise first fit, the system captures all of the details on a single dashboard so nothing gets overlooked.

“Our workflow captures all the crucial information you need for a more accurate first fit, all in one place. There’s no need to toggle through screens, and no risk of missing an essential detail,” said Hays. “A more accurate fit means fewer follow up appointments, and that’s crucial when a client’s next appointment may be several months away.”

Shine Rev+ gives you the ability do more of what you love: helping people. Less time spent in fitting software means you have more time for new clients while maintaining a high level of care. 

1 World Health Organization global estimates on prevalence of hearing loss, 2018