Take advantage of efficient first fits in as few as four clicks, easy upgrades if your client’s needs change, and everything in between. Unitron TrueFit™ fitting software supports you every step of the way. You’ll find everything you need to fit and fine-tune your client’s hearing aids. You’ll also enjoy access to many features designed to make things easy for you – including our exclusive suite of Experience Tech Tools.

Make a great first impression by following the First Fit workflow for a fast and convenient baseline fit. You can also make manual adjustments to each parameter. If your fitting preferences fall somewhere in between, it’s no problem — Unitron TrueFit software gives you the flexibility to fit your clients the way you choose. And with Remote Adjust, you can always make fine-tuning adjustments to support your clients wherever they are. 

Compare technology levels quickly and easily. Unitron TrueFit software highlights added features as you move up a technology level and includes handy feature diagrams and descriptions, so you know exactly what your client is getting. If their needs change in the future, you can upgrade their devices using FLEX:UPGRADE right from the fitting software.  

Giving control to your clients is important – but seeing the adjustments they’ve made matters too.  When you connect their hearing aids to Unitron TrueFit you can view volume changes in each environment, which Optional App Programs they have added, as well as equalizer adjustments made via the Remote Plus app, helping you to better understand each client’s needs and preferences.

Go beyond standard data logging with data-driven insights. Log It All shares real-life data to help you and your clients make informed decisions about their hearing technology. View Ratings from your clients supported by contextual information and use Success Check between appointments to access insights and even get alerts if something doesn’t look quite right. 

  • Automatic Adaptation Manager helps your clients adjust to their hearing aids over time.
  • Fitting advice supports you in finding solutions if your clients are having trouble.
  • Tap control training and sensitivity settings make controlling their hearing aids a breeze.
  • Automatic REM guides you through the target matching process and reduces opportunities for human error.
  • A personalized Getting Started Guide starts your client off on the right foot with simple instructions that reflect the configuration of their hearing aids.

See how our fitting software evolved from a standalone product extension to a conduit for delivering remarkable experiences.