The more you know about a client’s hearing experience, the more personalized recommendation you can provide. Insights is the data-gathering and visualization tool that keeps you and your clients connected throughout their hearing care journey.

Insights dashboard

Powered by a cloud-based system, Insights provides you with a deeper understanding of your clients’ needs and preferences.

This revolutionary method for capturing and visualizing your clients’ listening lifestyle ensures that the information you need to provide the most personalized hearing solution is always at your fingertips.


Usage collects data while the hearing instrument is on. You’ll see the amount of time a client spends in each program, wearing time and volume adjustments. When your client opens the Remote Plus app, their latest wearing time data is automatically sent to our cloud-based system. Our system analyzes the usage data and sends you an email alert if the average wearing time is low.

Now, you can know just how long clients are wearing their hearing instruments on a daily basis, which is a major factor in hearing instrument satisfaction and strongly predicts if they will decide to purchase a solution.

Log It All

Log It All objectively tracks the amount of time a client spends in each of the 8 different listening environments, regardless of the actual technology level of a hearing instrument.

Using this quantitative data empowers you to have meaningful conversations about the reasons a specific technology level is right for clients. 

In fact, 78% of Hearing Care Professionals (HCPs) reported that data from Log It All enabled proactive counseling.1


Ratings is a feature integrated into our Remote Plus app. Your clients can send in-the-moment impressions of their listening experiences, positive or negative. When this happens, hearing instrument settings are also collected to help give the rating context.

Our cloud-based system automatically analyzes the rating and hearing instrument data and may generate a suggestion, right in the app, to help resolve issues for clients.

You can also stay better connected to how your clients are hearing during their real-world assessments.

Overall satisfaction

A client email survey asks, “How satisfied are you with the performance of your hearing aid?”  prompting your client to enter a score from 0 to 10.

A follow-up question will be asked based on the response to help clarify what’s behind their dissatisfaction and enable you to take action to improve their experience.


Coach is a feature in our Remote Plus App that automatically sends personalized and relevant tips directly to clients' smartphones. These helpful notifications begin immediately upon activation of Insights in the Remote Plus app.  Topics such as charging, changing batteries, cleaning, usage, and what to expect from their hearing instruments will be covered in easy-to-understand content and videos. Clients will receive more frequent notifications in the beginning and fewer notifications as they gain more experience with their hearing instruments.

Coach is here to back you up by supporting your in-clinic counselling. It helps clients integrate hearing instruments into their lives quickly, and with more confidence.  It's like having another ‘you’ that can be sent home in their pockets, giving them key reminders and allowing them to enjoy the experience of hearing with their new instruments.

Coach, in the Remote Plus app

1 HCP FLEX program survey, USA, (2018)

Unitron TrueFit™ software – directly access current client data all in one place with Insights Overview, found in Unitron Truefit. Here, you’ll find summaries of your client’s data within their individual record, so you can quickly understand their listening lifestyle and any environments in which they are having positive or negative experiences.

myInsights - this website provides a complete snapshot of all your clients. You and your clinic staff can review all clients to identify anyone who is having a positive experience as well as those who may be struggling with their hearing solution. You see everyone’s Insights data in one place; without having to check individual client records within Unitron TrueFit.  

Data is only available to clinic employees. Transparency is vital, so throughout the setup process we ensure that you and your client know exactly what data will be stored and who can access it.