At Unitron, we believe everyone should feel really good about the hearing care journey, and it’s more than just comfortable, easy-to-use products with stellar sound performance. See how you can offer an experience they’ll love, every step of the way.  

The first fit is just the beginning. Our innovative trial option and advanced sound Performance Tracking deliver data-driven insights to help you optimize your clients’ hearing aids for the most accurate and dependable listening experience.

Our innovative trial and advanced sound performance trackers deliver data-driven insights to help optimize the experience, increasing satisfaction and peace of mind. Your clients’ audiogram is only part of the picture – understanding your clients’ true listening lifestyle helps you optimize their hearing experience. With FLEX:TRIALTM, you can send clients home for a real-world assessment with a hearing solution they can try in the places they work and play, whether it’s dinner in a busy restaurant, taking a call or streaming their favorite media. Less pressure means you can focus on building relationships rather than perfecting your sales pitch.

While every hearing instrument tracks information about usage, our Log It All feature objectively tracks the amount of time clients spend in each of the seven different listening environments – from quiet to complex – regardless of the technology level. Use this quantitative data to back up your recommendations and make informed decisions with your clients.

And rely on data rather than people’s memory of how their hearing instruments performed in certain situations. With Ratings, part of our Remote Plus app, your clients share in-the-moment impressions, positive or negative. Hearing instrument settings are also captured to provide context.

Our cloud-based system automatically analyzes the rating and hearing instrument data and may generate a suggestion, right in the app, to help resolve issues for clients.

1Remote Plus app requires Unitron hearing aids with Bluetooth® connectivity. The Remote Plus app works on Apple smartphones with iOS 15 or newer and Andriod smartphones with version 8.0 or newer. 

Unitron provides ongoing expert support beyond the hearing instrument purchase to help users get the most out of their hearing aid experience. There’s a lot to know when getting hearing aids, especially if it’s their first time. Coach is here to back you up by supporting your in-clinic counselling through the Remote Plus1 app. This feature helps your clients integrate hearing instruments into their lives through personalized tips and information about what to expect from their hearing instruments – all with easy-to-understand content and videos.

While clients can further personalize their hearing instruments using the Remote Plus app, some changes require your expertise. Whether it’s hectic schedules or distance, we know it isn’t always easy for clients to get to the clinic. Remote Adjust lets you make fine tuning adjustments in our TrueFit fitting software and send the changes to your clients’ smartphone. They can apply the changes wherever and whenever it is most convenient – no video calls or appointments required.

We know getting new hearing aids is a big decision, and we can’t always predict how people’s needs will change over time. Give your clients peace of mind with FLEX:UPGRADETM. Our unique open platform means they can upgrade to a higher technology level in response to their evolving lifestyle. This innovative model offers clients flexibility for the future, building trust and ensuring they stay happy and satisfied throughout their entire hearing care journey.