September 18, 2018 – Kitchener, Canada – Unitron announced today that its Max hearing instrument is back, enhanced with more to offer Super Power patients than ever before.

People with severe-to-profound hearing loss have diverse needs and preferences. This means fitting hearing instruments for them traditionally requires specific finessing and multiple appointments to get the right fit. Until now.

Max makes it easy with new Super Power pre-sets, personalized to individual listening preferences. Add in the ability to support confident choices with Unitron’s FLEX™ ecosystem and a rechargeable1 option and it’s easy to see why fitting Max is so rewarding.

The three new Super Power pre-sets make it easier to meet patient expectations, with each one providing a different combination of sound processing, directionality and gain. This fitting software feature will add value to Super Power fittings, according to 86%2 of hearing healthcare professionals. Now with just one click, they can initiate the fitting based on a patient’s preferences and experiences.

“This category of hearing loss faces a specific set of challenges. That’s why it’s so important to have Super Power pre-sets that address the diverse needs of the severe-to-profound segment,” said Andre de Goeij, Senior Director, Product Management and Strategic Initiatives for Unitron. “We’ve leveraged the powerful Tempus™ platform for Max and optimized it with technologies that quickly and automatically understand listening environments and make seamless adjustments. These features have been perfected for Super Power, refining speech perception and environmental awareness

Less fine-tuning for Super Power patients up front translates into fewer and shorter follow-up appointments, meaning more smiles right from the first fit and a satisfying experience for both patients and hearing healthcare professionals.

The personalization offered by the FLEX experience is key to providing patients the confidence they crave throughout the entire hearing journey–start to finish.

“A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for Super Power patients. It’s a diverse category of hearing loss with a broad spectrum of variances,” said Lilika Beck, Vice President Global Marketing for Unitron. “This launch presents a truly superior Super Power solution. Thanks to technology perfected for severe-to-profound hearing loss and the opportunity for exceptional personalization, we’re offering not only a fantastic product but also an experience that both patients and hearing healthcare professionals will love.”

With this latest addition to the FLEX ecosystem, there has never been a better time to fit Super Power hearing instruments. Max on the Tempus platform is proof of Unitron’s ongoing commitment to putting consumers at the centre of its mission to provide the most personalized experience on the market when it comes to choosing hearing instruments.

The global roll-out of Max begins September 28, 2018.

1 Rechargeable option available early 2019
2 Unitron Galaxy Max Super Power Study and Sample Overview (2018)

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