SHIFTTM Ready-To-Wear hearing devices, powered by Unitron, help improve access to next-level hearing.

WARRINGTON, UK | MAY 18, 2020 – Over the past months, the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world and how we live, work and play. And while it hasn’t caused a decrease in the need for quality hearing care – resulting social, economic and health concerns have made the need for innovative solutions to how care is accessed more relevant than ever.

In the United Kingdom, 1 in 6 adults has hearing loss but only 30% use hearing aids. Studies link treating hearing loss early to a lowered risk of early-onset dementia as well as positively impacting health, wellbeing, and earning capacity.1

SHIFT enables hearing care professionals to help consumers through contact-less delivery and support, so they can stay connected with media and entertainment, voice and video calls, and virtual social or work engagements during this time of physical distancing.

Sandra Fulton, VP Marketing, Unitron comments, “While the best way to manage hearing health is through the care of the professional that’s not always an option for everyone. There are people impacted by personal, regional and global circumstances, like with COVID-19 pandemic, who are unable or choose not to follow the usual hearing care journey. SHIFT provides a way to help them hear better with the confidence and support that comes with a professional recommendation.”

SHIFT hearing devices are suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss and are set up and fine-tuned by the end user with an easy to use smartphone app. Comprehensive assistance is available in-app with additional support provided through a hearing care professional.

Contrasting with hearing aid apps that act only as a remote control for volume and programs, SHIFT features sound profiles – one of which is selected by the client on set-up according to their preferences.

SHIFT addresses consumer pain points associated with purchasing hearing aids the traditional way in these unprecedented times: the greater financial commitment and additional risks from leaving home for appointments to a clinic for hearing tests and ongoing setting adjustments. But, it also helps the hearing care professional by providing a way to engage with clients, provide quality recommendation and support and expand their model of care with increased empowerment, flexibility and ease.

Richard Jones, Director, Unitron UK notes, “The progress digital health has enabled in helping more people manage their wellbeing day-to-day is monumental - we can monitor our heartbeat, fitness and even blood sugar levels by ourselves through apps on our smartphone. With SHIFT, those with hearing loss have an opportunity to access better hearing when clients are ready, where ever they are, without the social, financial or health risks that may be associated with the traditional experience.”

  • Available for purchase through hearing care professionals in the United Kingdom
  • No clinical set up required: the SHIFT hearing app is compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices
  • Bluetooth® connectivity for streaming multimedia and phone calls
  • 18-hour rechargeable battery, including 2 hours of streaming


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