At Unitron, our mission is to provide Hearing Care Professionals and their clients with hearing loss with effective and easy-to-use products that solve their daily problems and fit seamlessly into their lives.

A key part of this mission is making sure that those who wear our hearing instruments feel stylish and confident. We’re therefore delighted to introduce Moxi™ V-RS: an innovative new hearing instrument that offers a true style alternative, available on the Vivante™ platform.

The newest member of the Moxi Vivante family takes wearers to the heart of conversations in style, presenting a fusion of aesthetics and function. Combining our next-level Vivante sound performance with sleek, forward-thinking design, Moxi V-RS is a hearing instrument that looks as good as life sounds.

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Moxi V-RS presents yet another product with Vivante sound performance, personalization, and connectivity. But what sets Moxi V-RS hearing instruments apart is their unique style, created to match the forward-thinking attitudes of the people who wear them.

And it’s not just us who thinks Moxi V-RS delivers industry-leading design; this style was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design, highlighting its beautiful aesthetics, comfort, and ease-of-use.

We understand the connection between looking good and feeling great. That’s why, alongside sound performance, our user-centric design approach works to optimize three factors that significantly impact the wearing experience:

Our thinnest rechargeable hearing instrument on the Vivante platform is an innovative and uniquely contoured form factor that’s also available in three elegant colors, so clients can choose the shade that best complements their personal style.

While looking good is key to feeling confident, comfort is one of the top factors in helping new wearers get used to their hearing instruments. Moxi V-RS is designed for comfort, with individual left and right-side hearing instruments built specifically for each ear.

In addition to looking and feeling good, we want our hearing instruments to be as easy to use as possible. Like all Vivante hearing instruments, Moxi V-RS features innovative tap control. It also has a push button, so wearers can have full control of their hearing instrument, including adjusting volume, streaming audio, connecting to devices, and more.

With its far-from-traditional look, Moxi V-RS is poised to appeal to modern, design-conscious individuals. Having also been built to prioritize comfort and ease-of-use, these cutting-edge hearing instruments are expected particularly, although not exclusively, to appeal to first-time wearers.

The Moxi RS charging case is unique to Moxi V-RS and provides convenience and rechargeability all in one. Its sleek, compact design features magnetic instrument retention, making it easy for wearers to insert and remove their hearing instruments from the charger.

These boundary-pushing hearing instruments are certainly easy on the eye, but they’re also easy to tailor to the individual, with advanced personalization options available via the Remote Plus app. This personalization means users can make their hearing journey their own and, thanks to our seamless Made For All connectivity, stay connected across all their devices.