If the telephone was invented after texting, everyone would marvel at how superior conversations are. You could hear a familiar voice, glean nuance, emotion, even sarcasm and there would be less troublesome miscommunication. This illuminates just how important hearing other people’s voices really is.

Blu, the latest hearing instrument family from Unitron, is prepared for wherever your clients’ lives take them. The Blu platform is powered by the new generation Sonova PRISM™ (Processing Real-time Intelligent Sound Management) chip which offers double the memory of our previous chip.

Blu employs our Integra OS operating system; our highly advanced signal processing system is crafted to deliver an adaptable, personalized and freeing hearing experience. 

Blu packs a big punch in a small package. If conversations spark at a crowded party or bustling restaurant, Integra OS is prepared with AutoFocus 360 which uses a binaural network of four microphones to determine where speech is coming from. It then focuses in that direction and dynamically alters the level of amplification in each ear to preserve subtle cues needed to know where the sound is coming from.

AutoFocus 360 also guides the application of speech enhancement based on the identified direction to increase contrast between speech and noise. For the most difficult, noisy situations, when speech is coming from the front, AutoFocus 360 applies our new dynamic noise reduction to further reduce interfering background noise for conversations even in the most complex situations.

Even when you're in a familiar setting, life can throw any number of surprises at you. That’s what makes life exciting. So, when the table next to you erupts into a boisterous surprise birthday party, or your granddaughter's last-minute goal turns into a raucous post-game celebration, Blu automatically adapts.

As they move, chat and explore, and sounds enter the hearing instruments, Integra OS accurately classifies them into a range of seven key listening environments — from very quiet to complex noisy situations. It then optimizes the listening experience to each client’s specific situation, blending environments into one of many thousand combinations, so your clients can follow the day where it leads.

If a sudden whim whisks your clients from the crowd to a moonlit stroll, or its time for a bedtime story with the grandkids, Integra OS uses Spatial Awareness which works to minimize the impact of missing acoustic cues typically lost with hearing instruments.

Additionally, it applies soft speech lift to enhance subtle nuances of speech to help your clients comfortably engage in even the quietest conversations.

Each generation of Unitron hearing instruments builds on years of expertise applied to real world situations. By cutting through the noise, and capturing the subtle nuances in any environment, Integra OS is the most intelligent technology to date. With the Blu family of devices, your clients can soak in every moment, embrace every sudden change of plans, and walk boldly into each new experience, confident their hearing instruments will be one step ahead of them.