With a new generation of clients entering the hearing instrument world, a new challenge stands before us: hearing care solutions that meet their daily needs. How do we offer solutions that provide the hearing solution they need while keeping up with their modern lifestyles? These clients have smartphones, stream media on the go, and probably use a virtual assistant, like Siri. These are not the clients of old. 

These modern clients are not only looking for the best hearing solution - but also a reliable solution that gives them options for independence. They use technology that makes their lives easier and expect their digital health devices to do the same. They don’t want a solution that requires them to think about batteries, let alone change them. They want a solution that is ready to go when they are. 

Hearing instruments with lithium-ion technology match up to the consumer electronic devices or other digital health solutions they already own. At Unitron, we are focused on offering the best consumer experience possible, and with that comes solutions that contain technology with which the modern client is already familiar. 

Just 11% of people who wear hearing instruments currently use rechargeable options; however, 70% of patients want to use a rechargeable option1. Reliable and straightforward rechargeable technologies have become the norm in all other devices in their life, why should their hearing instruments be any different?

We have dedicated time and effort to provide a hearing solution that empowers the wearer the freedom to live their life without worrying about the longevity of their hearing instruments battery. We have designed our hearing instrument with rechargeable batteries engineered to get them through a full day on a single charge. A single, complete charge offers 24 hours of use. For those who like to stream audio/media, 8 hours of audio/media streaming will allow for a total battery life of 16 hours on a single, full charge.2 Your clients stay charged from the first ring of their alarm in the morning to the sigh when their head hits the pillow and anything that comes in between.

With over ¼ million people currently using Sonova lithium-ion hearing instruments, feel confident that you are offering your clients a solution that fits seamlessly into their lives and offers a worry-free day of use. 

We have designed our lithium-ion rechargeable hearing instruments to be easy. They automatically turn on when they are removed from the charger and turn off when placed in the charger. The charging case is specially designed for each hearing instrument style and secures the hearing instruments in the case to ensure proper charging. A full charge of the instrument takes just 3 hours3, and you can achieve an 80% battery charge in only 1.5 hours.4 All your clients need to do is grab and go.

No more changing batteries, fumbling with tiny doors, or battery packaging. It is time to finally drop that battery replacement training routine you’ve had in your clinic and demonstrate the ease of rechargeable. Clients with dexterity problems will thank you, and they will be glad to have a hearing instrument with an easy to use charging solution. As a bonus, say goodbye to inconvenient battery door repairs and moisture damage5.

As consumers become more environmentally conscious, be proud to offer them a solution that eliminates the waste of spent batteries and focuses on providing the same level of performance with a built-in rechargeable battery. And, if they keep their hearing instrument for 5 years before they upgrade to a new model, with replaceable batteries, assuming an average of 6 days of battery life for a size 13 battery, one rechargeable Li-ion battery can replace over 300 battery changes on a non-rechargeable device. Talk about savings!

As the world continues to produce new technological solutions in consumer electronics our goal is to offer your clients a reliable, easy to use hearing solution that has no problem keeping up with their day to day needs. Li-ion rechargeable hearing instruments on our Discover platform deliver proven performance that can keep up with your most active clients. 

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2 Actual battery life depends on several factors, including hearing loss, battery age, and processing demands like direct connectivity.
3 4 from 0% battery
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