Yes, you can control both volume and program changes through either the multi-function button on either hearing device or through the app.

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Press and hold the lower part of the button on each hearing device for 4 seconds until the indicator lights change. The light will turn green to indicate they have turned ON. The light will turn red to indicate they have turned OFF.

It is best to turn your hearing device on and off with the device removed from your ear, so you can see the color and state of the indicator light.

You can accept, reject or end phone calls through either the multi-function button on your hearing devices or by using the controls on your mobile device/smartphone.


When your TV and TV connector are turned on and within range of your hearing device, press the button on the back of the TV connector. You will need to select the TV Program through the app, or change to the TV Program with the multi-function button on your SHIFT devices, in order to hear the audio through your devices.


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