If you are having issues with your Bluetooth® connections, please try the following:

  1. Open your Bluetooth® settings
  2. Make sure Bluetooth® is ON
  3. Restart the right device (the indicator light will continue to blink green until connected) 
  4. Under “devices” select your right device
  5. Continue to follow the steps in the app to complete your connection

 To fix connection issues, try these methods:

Method 1: 

You will be prompted to restart both devices by turning them off and then on again, then tap "Next" to connect.

Method 2:

  1. Open the SHIFT Hearing App 
  2. Go to app settings
  3. Go to “My hearing devices”
  4. Go to “Forget devices” 
  5. Remove both devices from the app 
  6. Select “My devices are setup” when prompted in the set-up overview
  7. Once both devices are removed follow the instructions in the app to reconnect

Method 3:

Re-install the app:

  1. Open Bluetooth® settings on your phone
  2. Under “My devices”, remove all SHIFT devices by selecting “Forget this device” 
  3. Go to App store or Google Play to reinstall the SHIFT Hearing App 
  4. Open the SHIFT Hearing App, and follow the set-up instructions again 
  5. Select “My devices are setup” option when prompted in the set-up overview 
  6. When prompted to “Remove the LEFT device” in the app, restart both devices 
  7. Continue to complete the set-up instructions in the app

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