Your hearing devices will arrive with a 30% charge out of the box, which should last approximately 3 hours, depending on use.

Make sure your charger is connected to a power source. The indicator light on your hearing device will become solid green when fully charged. The charging process will automatically stop when the batteries are fully charged, so your devices can be safely left in the charger. 

The indicator light should not be red, while simultaneously placing the devices in the charger. To avoid this, place your hearing devices in the charger without turning them off. They will begin charging automatically.

Check out these resources for more help:

  • Charging
  • Check your product user guide
  • Check instructions in your SHIFT Hearing app (this is a guided process that happens when you set up your hearing devices).

It is recommended to fully charge your hearing devices before wearing them for the first time. If you want to set up and use your hearing devices right away, you will have a 30% charge, which should last approximately 3 hours depending on use.

It can take up to 3 hours to fully charge your hearing devices.

Yes, it is recommended to close the lid while your hearing devices are being charged. This will keep them clean and away from small children and pets.

The rechargeable batteries will last for approximately 2 years, depending on use.

This plug is for the charger power pack, an optional accessory (sold separately) for the hearing devices.

The battery may have died. Place both hearing devices into the charger and check the indicator lights. If the lights are blinking, the devices are not fully charged. Leave in charger until indicator lights are solid green. Then remove the devices from the charger, which will turn them on automatically.

If one or both of your hearing devices still won’t charge, contact your hearing care professional.

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