No, your hearing devices should only be worn by yourself. It is not recommended to share your hearing devices. 

When not in use, always store your hearing devices in the charger to keep clean. Make sure your charger is connected to an outlet, so your hearing devices keep their charge. Do not leave your hearing devices loose on a table.

If you need to put your hearing devices down and don’t have the charger with you, place them on a clean tissue. Avoid placing your devices on surfaces containing products that could irritate your ears.

When not in use, store your hearing devices in the charger.

It is not recommended to sleep with your hearing devices on. Devices should be placed in the charger overnight and plugged into a power source to ensure a full charge for the next day.

No, do not wear your hearing devices in the bath or shower or immerse them in water.

If your hearing devices get wet, contact your hearing care professional. Do not attempt to dry them in an oven or microwave.

Drying capsules (sold separately) help dehydrate your devices of excess moisture while in the closed charger. There is a space in the inside lid of your charger to store the drying capsule. Contact your hearing care professional to purchase drying capsules.

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