1. When not in use, keep the hearing aids in the charging base with the charging base plugged in. They cannot overcharge.
  2. Plug the USB adapter into the power cord, then plug the power cord into a power outlet. Avoid using a laptop, or computer to power your charging base. The lights on the hearing instruments will flash to indicate charging status.
  3. Place hearing aids in the charging slots every night. The ear pieces should be positioned in the large open compartment.
  4. When hearing aids have been properly inserted, hearing aid lights will flash to confirm they are charging properly. A solid green light means that the hearing aids are fully charged.
  5. Clean hearing aid charge pads and charging base slots using the cleaning brush provided and a clean, dry tissue. Do not use any liquids for cleaning.
  6. The hearing aids will turn off automatically when placed in the charger when plugged in. Turn your hearing aids off manually before placing into the charger if the charger is unplugged.
  7. If a low battery warning is heard, place the hearing aids in the charging base.

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