The app equalizer and Remote Adjust use the same fundamental implementation. When you increase or decrease either the equalizer or adjust gain via Remote Adjust, there is a gain offset that is applied to the base fitting. The effect of an adjustment is dependent on the direction of the change (up or down) and the input level (soft or loud).

The basic premise is:

When you increase the gain offset level, the gain for soft inputs are increased more than the gain for loud inputs.

When you decrease the gain offset level, the gain for loud inputs are decreased more than the gain for soft inputs.

The offset applied by the Equalizer and Remote Adjust are additive which means that it is possible to “max out” the effectiveness of them if your client’s fitting is close to the max output. If this happens, the experience is when the client goes to increase an equalizer value they might not experience any change in the sound performance.

If this happens, we recommend that you bring the client back into the clinic and update their fitting.

Also remember when your client applies a remote adjustment, the app equalizer will be reset to zero. This will allow your client to hear the exact changes you made and if needed, they can further refine their hearing experience with the equalizer later.

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