Flight mode is when Bluetooth is turned off while hearing aids are on. In this mode, hearing aids will not connect to the mobile phone, tablet or computer. 

To set Bluetooth wireless hearing aids into flight mode:

Hearing aids with a battery door

  • Open the battery door
  • Hold down the push button and close the battery door
  • Keep holding the push button down for 10 seconds after the battery door has been closed
  • After 10 seconds, hearing aids will be on and the Bluetooth will be off. This needs to be repeated for each hearing aid.

To exit flight mode, simply open and close the battery door to restart the hearing aids with Bluetooth on.

Hearing aids without a battery door

  • Turn off the hearing aid
  • Push and hold the lower part of the button for 7 seconds (for models with an LED, hold until the solid orange light appears), then release the button
  • Repeat on the other hearing aid.

To exit flight mode, switch the hearing aid off and then on using the lower part of the hearing aid button.

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