Since 2012, our tried-and-true design approach has prioritized comfort, aesthetics and ease of use in every hearing aid we bring to market.  

High-performing from the first fit, we design every product for comfortable, discreet all-day wear. (Yes, even with glasses!) Because we know comfort is a top driver of client acceptance. 

Since 2014, many of our products have won the prestigious Red Dot Award, as well as an iF Design Award, a MUSE Design Award and have been recognized in the Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™. 

Our Li-ion rechargeable hearing aids are always prepared to keep up with however the day unfolds:  

  • All-day use on a single charge.  
  • For wearers who like to stream audio/media, 8 hours of streaming allows for a total battery life of 16 hours or more on a single full charge.  
  • Sleek contemporary charger designs, plus the option of magnetic pull insertion to make it easier to insert and remove the hearing aids. 

Our refreshed Remote Plus app gives clients a modern, user-centric experience that empowers them to easily personalize their hearing journey – in Advanced or Classic mode. Ratings makes it easy to share in-the-moment impressions, while built-in instructions, tips, videos and Coach notifications starts each client on their hearing journey with confidence.